The Benefits Of Using An App For Discount Card Fundraising

Interested in raising money for your local group?  You have a lot of options depending on your situation may or may not be the right course of action.

If you want a foolproof way to raise money regardless of your group, then consider discount card fundraising.

Below we go into the benefits of why using an app for discount card fundraising is the best course of action.

A wonderful thing about a discount card fundraising app is that it can be scaled to meet your needs.

Compare this to a typical fundraising card.

You are usually limited to a single page meaning that you will have to make your group’s message really small if you have a lot of local participation.

With an app, the message can scroll, meaning that you have plenty of space to not only highlight your message, but also provide your supporters with discounts as well.  Apps also allow you to view the discounts via e-mail, phone, and on your computer.  Cross platform functionality means more people will see your message.

Opportunity For Renewal From Your Supporters

Last but not least, you should consider an app for your discount card fundraising because it allows you the opportunity for automatic renewals.

An app makes it easy for someone to sign up to receive one every year, providing you with more income and less hassle.

No longer will you have to go out and enroll new people every year.


In addition, an app makes it easier to renew the participating companies.

Simply put, an app will make the entire experience far easier.

Thank you for considering pledgeperks for your next fundraising platform.

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