From Discount Card Fundraiser to Coupon Book Fundraiser

Discount cards are a great way to fundraise for your local school or sports team. This powerful method of selling gives your kids an easy way to engage in the community and celebrate their brand and their cause.And community really is important.


There are some concerns that get floated from time to time though.

  • Will the buyer even use the card?
  • Will the buyer just throw the card away?
  • How can we update our message throughout the year?
  • It’s so crowded! How do we put more on the card?

We help improve these discount card programs by extending your values on the phone through a coupon book fundraiser on the phone.


This fixes a few problems.

  • It assures the buyer will have your message with them since they’re always on their phone.
  • We can update your message to the buyer whenever you’d like.
  • The store can change their offers to the buyer whenever they want.
  • We can control how often the coupons can be used. Over and over, just once, whatever!
  • We can see what’s working and what’s not.

When you’re considering which discount card fundraiser to partner with, we thank you for considering pledgeperks..

Want to know more?

Please fill out this form, or call us at 727-776-9248 and we’ll be glad to setup a program that works just for you.

Happy Fundraising!


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